Whether it’s three weeks like Major who just departed, or three YEARS like Dougie…the loss is tremendous.

On the morning of 8/8/21, Dougie went outside like normal and within minutes, he collapsed and literally was gone. There was no time to get the car to whisk him to a vet; there was no time to even understand what he needed…he was in trouble and gone. The assumption is a heart problem since everything happened so very, very fast. He was struggling to breathe and then his tongue went blue and his heart stopped, right there in the yard for the first out.

A few things are important to share about Dougie…I always joked that he would go the wayå he lived…go, go, go and then down…and that is exactly what happened. He had a genetic issue with no hip sockets but that never stopped him; he had ACL tears cause his hips were set the wrong way making him move like a waddling duck; and his glucose levels were monitored constantly and he required food every three hours because his metabolism issues would otherwise send him crashing. In the midst of all the medical intensive care trips and oversight, Dougie just didn’t care…full speed ahead…get out of my way..and by the way, have my food on time! Truly, the looks that came from this Dougie guy were hilarious and crystal clear…I am your priority and don’t forget it!

This morning was like any other…barking cause it was the first meal…and every three hours on the dot, he heralded his needs as the priority…it will be sooooooo quiet without him and so sad not to see that funny red guy charging along the fence like he had the best body in the world. Good grief Dougie…you came in November 2018 and left just shy of 3 years and almost 12 years old…there isn’t anyone who met this boy who didn’t remember him…a BIG presence and one that will be sorely missed.

His angelic face was the ‘front’ for the real Border Collie who easily could have run the world if we let him…well, truth be told, we kinda did. So sad today…maybe another tomorrow we’ll meet again.

Thank you for all of you who loved and supported his needs through the years…we so appreciate all the help…


Dougie's Story:

SANCTUARY RESIDENT DOUGIE came into rescue for due to his guardians returning to Australia. Glen Highland was the only place to support his complex medical needs. Dougie has a combination of challenges - born without hip sockets so he endures constant pain which has worsened with aging and arthritis, as nature created solutions to this oddity. He is also prone to ACL tears as his back legs turn in strange directions as he walks and runs. We’ve already tackled one TLPO to fix the back right leg and now are considering the left back leg since he is ‘toe-touching’. Regardless of his body pains, Dougie is full of energy as if nothing hurts, but we are hyper-vigilant about his exercise levels.

Dougie also has another medical challenge with extremely low blood sugar levels. We give five meals spread over the day to maintain his glucose level or he could have a seizure. His blood levels are checked every six months. Fatigue, heat or over exercising can add to a dip in glucose and Dougie is then wobbly and delirious. Plus he has renal disease so a special kidney diet is required to support him. His kidney levels are regularly evaluated.

Such a fragile physical state is no reflection on Dougie’s mental or emotional state - he is a full Border Collie through and through, ready to go, go go! Thankfully, he accepts this 24/7 supervision well and has been responding to all the supportive care we are offering.