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At age 15, 3/4/21 was MANDY’S send off…four years at Glen Highland made her the longest Resident in the Sanctuary history so this sad goodbye was also a celebration of memorable years that were so funny, delightful and truly transformative, that it was hard to stay sad…

Mandy was her own gal, truly unique and forced us all to do it ‘her way’…just like most of us humans would wish if we were being rescued. She just needed people who tailored a life around her quirks and then loved her for her fiesty nature…there was no other like Mandy. Whether she was called ‘mandy moo’ or ‘mandy pants’ or just ‘mandy’, this gal was a treasure to know. Every volunteer chuckled at Mandy! A classic female Border Collie with a lot on her mind!

And, while this is a loving send-off, we would be unfair to not accurately portray the dog that arrived due to the death of her elderly guardian - ready to bite anyone who brushed her, cut her nails or touched her during a thunderstorm. If by chance a storm was underway and Mandy wasn’t already crated, there was frantic aggression. And, of course, any dog coming nearby was going to get a nice chomp, too. Mandy had her opinions about it all.

The amazing transformation over years was that dogs were no longer a problem - she ended up peacefully living with almost a dozen of them…nails, brushing…well…stayed a problem and thankfully our Caretaker found ways to avoid entering a room with a thunderstorm underway…carefully avoiding an issue that would be huge to her well-being and eventually, Mandy trusted her and could be near her without reacting…so you win some, you let some things go…Mandy had captured everyone’s heart regardless.

We will be missing Mandy forever, yet truly know that the big life she had at Glen Highland suited her perfectly: she met so many people, walked so many trails, tracked all the action around her keeping order and then settled in as the peaceful chief she wanted to be, every dog’s pal. Rescue gave Mandy four years to flourish and boy, she sure did! Her body failed her but her spirit will be forever etched in our minds and hearts.

Missing you Mandy….always


Mandy's Story:

RESIDENT MANDY landed in rescue in 2017 at age 12, due to her guardian’s death. We could instantly see her sensitive nature. Truth is, Mandy is a thinker and worrier. She feels everything around her…it’s just her way. Whenever anything changes, we have to carefully help Mandy navigate and adjust to it all. Once settled in, she is good-natured, curious and very loving.

At 15, Mandy has decided she just loves to have BC pals and we couldn’t be happier! This once solo girl never liked anyone nearby but now just buddies up to enjoy the action…it is wonderful for her, using that big brain to think through what everyone is doing…keeping her ‘in the game’! In fact, we are seeing her relax in new ways, trusting how life unfolds.

Mandy is coming up on 4 years in rescue, one of our ‘old-timers’ and we are very grateful we could give her a whole new journey tailored to her needs! She is still changing and transforming from that sensitive, scared dog that had no idea she could trust people, to now knowing everyone is on her team!