Take another look at this marvelous face…that was Monty in pure joy mode…not a care or trouble in the world
and on 9/29/22, it’s even more true as he now is free of a body that was so full of sickness. His lymphoma won out as it always does but not before Monty had a terrific month of honest-to-goodness fun, Border Collie style…barking for a toss of his frisbee, trotting around the yard just feeling himself move, and hanging out with other BCs being the social butterfly he clearly enjoyed being.

Monty had a grand month.

We all touched his energy through pictures and in person as he radiated such an important truth…just live life right in the moment…he showed us all how it’s done. Lucky for us all to meet this master of happiness…surely he is flying so free now! Thanks for the huge “buddha-dog” inspiration Monty…you are and were amazing!


Life is full of mystery when we are asked to step into moments that bring us front and center with deep sadness. On Monday, August 29, Glen Highland swooped in to help MONTY. At age 10, his people lost their Virginia home and that meant he did, too. A fabulous good-natured sweetheart, we were happy to help not knowing the turn of events ahead.

On arrival, Monty had a bunch of odd issues - severely underweight, a bulging eye, lameness in the backend and a tendency to circle with a head tilt, something was very off - a vet visit was quickly warranted. On Tuesday, our normal optimism faded as we learned that Monty has lymphoma, pretty advanced in fact, with only a few weeks to live. His lymph nodes were hard and swollen and an aspirate confirmed the cancer as did an ultrasound. His spleen is already deteriorating.

We could barely catch a breath with this dooming news. The mystery of why him, why us, why now began and then, as Border Collies always do, Monty shared his heart. No matter the time left, he was happy and joyful, loved a scratch under his chin and barked and went after any toy tossed his way.

What an inspiration this spectacular guy really is…to us…and to you and all who meet him… ALIVE TODAY…tomorrow will take care of itself…good motto Monty…you are right! We got it!

Though crestfallen, we knew the job we had been really asked to do…give Monty the best damn time ever…toys, outdoor exploration, burgers and chicken and tons of adoration…so easy to do cause as usual, the sickest dogs are THE sweetest. What a marvelous gem this fella is…just scoop him up, hug him, laugh and cry with him Border Collie…what a heart worker!

We are here for you Monty…to help you prepare for the sacred exit to the other side. You know the right timing and you clearly know how to make the most of life today…right in the present. Thanks for the reminder little guy…big Buddha teacher for all of us!

And on we go…another Senior landing with support to insure he will be held as he crosses over to his next journey. The mystery is solved. We are all in. He is just radiating JOY.