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JUNE 2024: Rossiís alarming digestive concerns from January have quieted down. He is now seemingly stable. Evaluated at NCSU, he was diagnosed with IBD which led to nutritional changes. He was switched to a hydrolyzed food supplemented by 7 tablespoons of liquid eggs whites. He has done very well so far, requiring one tweek in the type of prescription food. Most recently, he lost significant muscle mass in his head, a problem more common to senior dogs so adjustments had to quickly be made.

Working with the Nutritionist from Friendship Animal Hospital for Animals (Washington D.C.), we are changing the level of phosphorous and sodium as well as fat in his diet as well as carefully monitoring his vitamin D levels. He continues on a monthly B-12 supplement.

Rossiís megaesophagus is well controlled thankfully though we need to keep close oversight on his developing GI challenges.




SANCTUARY RESIDENT ROSSI is not only a gorgeous guy, he is a very stable, good-natured Border Collie, normally easily adoptable. That wasn’t the case for him.

As a pup, his swallowing disorder, Megaesophagus, left him horribly undernourished since every meal meant regurgitation. Relinquished to us, we knew Rossi could live a very short life so sought out every medical option possible, but nothing worked well. The first year of his life, every month he landed at Cornell’s ICU with aspiration pneumonia, at risk of death. Hyper-vigilant oversight of every bite of food or slurp of water became everyday life at the Founder’s home. Days were filled with tears and worry.

Little did we know that time would unfold with a really good outcome. He is alive and well, running like the wind because one medication trial worked - Sildenafil - the canine version of viagra. The drug allows the esophageal ‘flap’ to lower over the stomach opening so food will not come out.

This miraculous find has given Rossi an active, truly full BC life. Watching this vibrant boy be allowed to join others in the pack to run and drink water as needed and eat without spoonfuls of small food, has been a joy. Rossi is truly one of the happiest rescues we have ever seen!

Health Challenges:
In 2023, Rossi was diagnosed with IBD (inflammatory bowel disease) which means he must eat a prescription diet and receive B12 vitamin supplements. While his Megaesophagus is controlled, we now must also carefully monitor him for weight loss and more serious GI issues, as this can be a progressive problem.

Jay Monitz, In memory of Michelle

With love from Vicki Buono & GHF alum Cookie (in spirit)

Scottie Burkhalter, in memory of Russy & JayJay

My 12yo BC and I both thank you for your passion work - Brad Atkinson

“Still running in the wind” from Linda Whitman’s SKY

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