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JUNE 2024: The confirmation of severe sciatica and bilateral hip dysplasia led us to give Acupuncture treatments a try. Working with a mobile vet in Williamsburg, Tucker has bi-weekly visits in a comfy RV outfitted especially for this work.

A few episodes caused him concern but overall, he is accepting this odd experience of tingling and heat rising around certain areas of his backend.

So far, he has had 4 of a set of ten and we are seeing a bit of improvement where he is not lame soon after simple runs for the ball. His body is so ‘broken’, we won’t really know until the treatment package is completed.

However, once a session is done…Tucker is ready to GO!
We’d be in such trouble if he had thumbs!!!

TUCKER arrived at Glen Highland and it was clear he needed the safe refuge and care of the Sanctuary so he became a Resident. While he is a totally upbeat Border Collie eager to play ball, the real story with his body revealed so many challenges… and the risk of death.

A traumatic injury fractured his front leg leaving him with a metal plate, bi-lateral hip dysplasia lessened his mobility, debilitating spinal sciatica made him painfully lame, undetected renal disease made him weak, untreated heartworm left him with lethargy and a failing heart, ehrlichia positive from tick bites added to worsening kidneys and undiscovered testicular cancer was slowly killing him…Tucker needed a lot of help.

His previous life as a breeding ‘stud’ dog provided little care - drinking from dirty algae filled buckets of rain water and scrounging for food from garbage strewn all over the property. Preventatives were not used to keep him safe from heartworm or tick-borne diseases. Living not far from Glen Highland in Virginia, the death of the breeder gave Tucker his true chance to survive.

Step by step, each of these needs has been handled with surgery, medication and thorough diagnostics all designed to lengthen his life and make it a happy one!

A super good-natured guy, he is NOW really enjoying the huge property for walks and making up herding games with his rescue pals. Tucker seems truly much happier and certainly much healthier.

Two important treatments are underway:

Unable to handle the traditional heartworm injections, Tucker is undergoing the Slow-Kill method of topical applications. It can take years to clear the heartworms but it is the safest approach for him since he had a horrible reaction to the shot.

Acupuncture and pain management are the key to helping the severity of the sciatica in his spine. On the ortho evaluation, he collapsed to the floor, debilitated by the pressure on his hind-end. So high level amounts of gabapentin day and night are a huge benefit. We hope he does well with acupuncture to provide relief, too. He is also on the Myos supplement to build muscle in his legs without exercise.

Surgery was curative for his testicular cancer and the ehrichica has been treated and is monitored for recurrence. His renal disease is managed by a prescription kidney diet.

We are pleased to now give Tucker the best life he can have and carefully monitor his changing medical conditions. It’s actually amazing that Tucker is alive.

Gregg, Jodi and GH Alums Mia & Charlie, In Memory of GHF Alum Flash (larger than life) and our magical Guinness; two amazing, once in a life time BC’s who lived life to the fullest and brought love and happiness to the world. May there spirit and healing energy continue to be there for Tucker.

For Tracy Horn, in memory of Pat and Elvis - Linda Dragoo

With love from Linda, Sky, Jim & Alice the cat

Our continued love & support - Cathy & Steve Bouck, Ziggy and GH alum Lincoln

David & Caitlin Musto, In memory of our beloved Stella

With much gratitude for our loving Willis. He is beautiful inside & out! A character! Praying that you, Tucker, continue forward with positive health and less pain - Sandy, Mike & GH alum Willis

In memory of GH Alums Doc & Rosie - Pete & Renate Goodloe & GH alum Gypsy

In loving memory of GH Alum, Gilbert. A very sweet and special little guy. Always watchful and ready to please. We miss you so much! - Henry & Judy Ahlers