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Over the 20+ years of running Glen Highland, certain Border Collies have taken on special roles where they ‘mentor’ or guide new rescue dogs.  Numerous dogs have carried out this important work and made a huge difference for hundreds and hundreds of dogs.

Whether it’s teaching a dog to properly engage in Border Collie style ‘herding games’ without over-controlling or crowding, a mentor dog helps teach confidence and ease with another dog. Shut down or shy Border Collies pal up with outgoing ‘teachers’ to meet people or explore the new settings that are unfamiliar to them. They begin to trust everything more quickly and adjust so much easier.

In general, a worried or fearful Border Collie relaxes best with the help of a “Resident Rescue Helper.”

Today, in Virginia at the Senior Sanctuary,
our current ‘lead’ Border Collies carry on this tradition.

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Age 14

"Everybody's Friend"

Age 12

"The Benevolent Leader"

Age 8

"The Supervisor"

Age 8


In Loving Memory

"Puppy Mom"