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At the Rescue & Sanctuary here at Glen Highland, years remain ahead for the Senior Border Collies... time for more ball play, car rides and country walks, for cuddles in bed, for a loving human connection… it would have been tragic for the lives of these seniors to end just because they were older.

Glen Highland is the only rescue focused on these truly fragile Border Collies who would otherwise, perish. Help keep our doors open to help the most vulnerable dogs.

The Sanctuary
gives unadoptable Seniors a soft landing where all their needs are met without another emotionally traumatic change. They are residents until their final day. Some younger “special needs” Border Collies also live in the Sanctuary.

The Rescue provides the stronger Seniors another chance to be an adored companion and adopted into a new home.

Either way is a win because...


Registered Rescue No: RR100
EIN# 161609670