You can vacation at dog camp and help dogs at the same time! All breeds are welcome, the setting is off-leash in the country! Camp Border Collie and Furry Friends is the ultimate canine learning vacation where you can spend a week on 175 acres trying a variety of activities - agility, herding, flyball, water sports, tracking and animal communication - and a portion of your camp

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Glen Highland Farm is a 501c3, non-profit corporation, established in January 2001 by Lillie Goodrich and John Andersen. Throughout the year, Glen Highland Farm (GHF) operates a Sanctuary and Adoption program (Sweet Border Collie Rescue) for Border Collies age 10 and up. These homeless, unwanted and abandoned dogs find refuge at GHF. They are evaluated, treated medically and adopted into new lives, or become residents in the Sanctuary. Funding to support the programs at GHF must be raised charitable contributions of money, services, and product by individuals, companies, foundations and groups/associations.

New York State Registered Rescue No: RR100
EIN# 161609670

Many of you may know that GHF will be relocating to the warmer climate of Virginia to help improve the health and happiness of the Senior Border Collies, who are now the focus of our rescue efforts.

Until that move, it’s business as usual with adoptions and intake of new dogs into rescue, as well as continuing the Getaway vacation season through September 2019!

We’re providing sale information in the event you or someone you might know would be interested in purchase of the Farm or Home on adjoining property - Click below for information:

Farm with 120 acres at 217 Pegg Road
Home on 60 acres at 242 Pegg Road


Glen Highland Farm
217 Pegg Rd, Morris, NY  13808
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